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Ed Plush by MaryjaneDesignStudio

I critiqued your previous plush, and am now seeing fit to critique this one. Here goes nothing: Vision: Much the same as your previous ...

Double D Plush by MaryjaneDesignStudio

I'm not too good at writing critiques, but I'll try. Ahem: Vision: I can see how ambitious of a project it was for you, and it really p...



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E-mail address:
Tumblr account: Corey-45
Skype account: Abcormal
Steam account: coreyamurray

My birthday is on August 11

Note: Although I often request and favorite pics of cartoon characters in their underwear (sometimes with them shaking their butts at the viewer), I don't mean anything sexual or perverted with said requests, I simply think they'd be cute and funny. Nevertheless, I respect the artist's right to decide to not draw my requests with they're uncomfortable with them for whatever reason :)

If anyone with a Skype account wants to chat with me, keep in mind that I won't use it very often, but I will welcome any invitations to talk on there.

Remember, if you haven't gone to dAhub yet and donated and/or earned some points, now's a good time to start!

Current dA Point Balance: 0…

I'm a long-time member of this community, and if there's one thing I know, it's that dA Points do matter--at least to those that live in lower-income levels.

I get around 600-700 dollars a year, and while that may sound like a lot, I know that I can't afford to waste any money on things that aren't rents, electricity bills, food, etc. I can only afford to get myself a present every once in a while.

And besides, it's hard for someone like me, with only a high school diploma, to get a job in this economy, and that fact that I have autism doesn't help either. So I can't exactly afford to pay for commissions with real money, or even to buy points with money.

Sites like :icondahub: only give out a few points at a time, and as a lot of deviants offer point commissions with prices in the thousands, I can't possibly wait that long--the prices might go up after I've saved up the previous necessary amount of points.

So what I'm asking you to do is give me all the points you can afford to spare.

If you don't decide to do it, that's all right, I won't force you, but it would be greatly appreciated.

So, please give points to a needy deviant.


Llamas for Points:

1 = llama
3-5 = llama + watch + 5 faves
5-10 = llama + watch + 5-10 faves + feature in my journal for a week
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'Hello, boss?'
'Ah, hello, Ahmed, what is it?'
'Well, do you remember that Death-lady who threateningly pointed at you in the marketplace when you were still in Baghdad?'
'Yes, and I'm currently on my way to Samarra so that I'll at least get to keep living a bit longer. Can't very well have her kill me in Baghdad while I've still got business propistions to take care of, now can I?'
'Er, well, she just now talked to me.'
'She did? What'd she say?'
'She says she wasn't pointing at you threateningly.'
'She wasn't?'
'No, boss. She was just a bit surprised, really. She didn't expect you to be in Baghdad today.'
'Oh? Why not?'
'Well, boss, it turns out that she has an appointment with you in Samarra.'
'Oh. Oh dear.'
'Well, boss? Are you going to turn the car around?'
'Well, I suppose I'll have to. I'm glad you warned me on the phone, Ahmed.'
'So, I'll be seeing you soon, boss?'
'Yes, you will. Good-bye.'
'Good-bye, boss.'
'Hello, Ahmed. How's things been since I was away?'
'Much the same, boss. You've only been away for fifteen minutes.'
'Ah, yes, I suppose so. Lucky you called me when you did, or I would've died for sure.'
'Yes, boss, it's lucky we've got cell phones in this day and age, eh?'
'Yes, yes it is.'
'It's also lucky that you're quite gullible.'
'I beg your pardon?'
'Oh, Hussein, poor, poor Hussein, did you really expect to be able to escape the embrace of the Angel of Death?'
'Ahmed, have you gone mad?'
'Mad? No, Hussein, as a matter of fact, Ahmed's not mad. He's dead.'
'Dead? But if Ahmed's dead, then you must be...'
'The Angel of Death? Of course. Bet you didn't know I could shape-shift, eh?'
'But--but I thought you were going after me?'
'Yes, and Ahmed, too. See, I knew you were going to go to Samarra to escape me, so I went into your house, took Ahmed's soul--when you're Death, it's easy, just touch them--and then impersonated him to call you about some visit from me saying I had an appointment with you in Samarra.'
'But--but you didn't have to kill Ahmed!'
'Yes, I did. See, it was his time to go, too.'
'But why didn't you just go to Samarra to kill me?'
'What, and miss the look on your face when you came back and saw the Angel of Death in your own home?'
'Please, please, I beg of you! Please don't take my life! I've got so many business propositions to take care of!'
'Sorry, Hussein, but it's not like I care. Now then, sweet dreams.'
A Modern-Day Appointment in Samarra
Well, here's my first short story for this account.

It's a modern-day take on the classic tale "Appointment in Samarra".

At first, I was going to just have the merchant escape death, and to point out the folly of such stories not keeping up with the times, but instead, I focused on how one cannot escape death, no matter how hard they may try.

This is dialogue-only because I wanted the reader to imagine in their minds what happens.

Critique and comments about how to improve my writing are welcome.
If anyone with a Skype account wants to chat with me, keep in mind that I won't use it very often, but I will welcome any invitations to talk on there.
Hello, I use Windows 7, and I've downloaded a game called "Cho Ren Sha 68k:. When I opened the program, however, it opened in fullscreen mode, which is a problem, as I have a widescreen monitor, and as a result, the game image is stretched. Is there a way to play it in windowed mode, and if so, how?
Remember that one Calvin and Hobbes storyline in which Calvin rips his pants and has to do a problem on the chalkboard, so he decides to moon the entire class?

We were never really shown Calvin mooning everyone, so I’d like for someone to draw it.

In fact, I’d like to see two versions of this: one in which Calvin pulls down his ripped pants but not his rocketship underpants, and the other one in which Calvin is showing the class his bare bottom. (In both versions, his back should be to the viewer.)

I would draw it myself, but I don’t have any drawing skills whatsoever, and I would pay someone to draw it, but I don’t have the money available.

Now, I’m not asking this out of a sexual or perverted desire, I just think it’d be cute and funny (after all, Calvin is only six years old!).

So if anyone would be willing to draw it for me for free, it’d be very much appreciated.

OK, so... *sighs* I suppose I should get this off my chest, shouldn't I?

:iconmrenter:'s reviews of bad animations (and good ones) have reminded me of one thing:

Any human endeavor is bound to be flawed in some way, shape or form.

I mean, no matter how good a book, movie, TV show, anime, cartoon, video game, comic, manga, or whatever is. there will always be at least one flaw that prevents it from attaining perfection. One may not always recognize the flaw at first, or even perceive it as one, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there. (I won't point out specific examples because MrEnter's already done a good job of doing that in his reviews.)

Obviously, none of the estimated seven-point-three billion human beings on this planet today are gods. We all make mistakes, however small or large, and, well, we just have to live with that.

But does we mean that we need to stop improving? No, not by any means.

Our mistakes are what drive us to be better humans. We constantly learn from our mistakes (unless we're horrible human beings), and we strive to improve ourselves using whatever mean necessary.

Think about this: if a god were to create a perfect movie, book, comic, or any other piece of media, what reason would there be to make anything else, since anything created after that would be a letdown.

We need to have flaws because it shows that we have the capacity to improve, and to make better things all the time.

I hope this makes sense, since I'm not all that good at writing. Any and all critique would be appreciated.
If anyone with a Skype account wants to chat with me, keep in mind that I won't use it very often, but I will welcome any invitations to talk on there.


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Corey Murray
United States
Nothing much say, except I'm autistic and a real history buff.

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"Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!"

Yeah, I watched a lot of Thundercats when I was a kid.

Fun fact: Quite a few of the Japanese animators who worked on Thundercats went on to work at Studio Ghibli.
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